Ashley Gardner | Osgood, IN

“I’m a person with many hobbies. Creativity, I think is really important. I love music - I play the guitar and am learning the piano and I sing a lot. Actually, I tried out for The Voice when I was 18. That was very nerve-wracking. I printed my tickets and left for Nashville, TN with my mom and stepdad. The lines were not so bad, we waited for about an hour to get in. You go through a multitude of judges and you just go up and sing 30 seconds of your chosen song. I sang ‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat. After that, the judges will analyze your performance and let you know if you’re going to the next round. I did not. All this happened within 5 minutes. It was very fast. To me, it was a very good experience and my feelings were not hurt. I was just happy I had the courage to do it. It was very fun.

​My philosophy is to not be scared. Fear is just an illusion.”

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