Carl + Katherine Taul | Holton, IN

Carl & Katherine, married for 30 years. 

​The proposal

Both laughed out loud simultaneously. “We went to Cumberland Falls State Park and I asked her, “You gonna marry me or what? She said she would. It was very romantic. Ha.”

Secret to a successful marriage

Katherine “For me, I think it’s our ability to be independent of each other. We have both taken vacations with other people at different times, or by ourselves. It’s good to be able to stand on your own and be able to appreciate time by yourself.”

Carl “Yes, I think that is a big part of it, at least for me. We are independent of each other as well as having together time. And trust each other enough that it’s not a problem. We just think it’s part of living together.” 

Advice for newly weds?

“Spend time apart from each other, especially during stressful times. 

Be patient with each other. Don’t let money control you and how you deal with life. Enjoy experiences together, rather than buying a lot of things. 

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