Donovan Freeland | Batesville, IN

Donovan and his wife, Kate moved to Batesville in 2014 in prep for retirement. They felt most fortunate to have been able to buy a simple log cabin on a six acre wooded lot. 

​When they heard that a backyard chicken coop and four birds needed a new home, they–somewhat tenuously–said “Bring ‘em!” 

​The coop was dropped off in their driveway on a cold, rainy March night. But soon, all adapted and Don built a simple fence, repaired, decorated and bolstered the coop to protect the four hens from night-time predators. The Freelands enjoy the company of “the first ladies” (and eggs!) year round.

​This is a recent capture of Don, holding “Dora” next to their backyard coop.

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