Gene + Anita Pitts | Milan, IN

Gene & Anita, married for 53 years. 

How they met

Anita “Through a friend. I was working at Keillor’s and a co-worker introduced us. I was a senior in high school and he was a sophomore at Purdue. He came in to get a cup of coffee and talked to me and flirted. It worked!”


Anita “He was a sweetheart, just smiley and friendly. All the girls were talking about him. Where I worked, a lot of his friends and neighbors, they’d come in and tease me about him.”

​Gene “She was smiley and happy. And she was cute, and still is. So I thought, 

‘I think I should get to know her better.”


Anita “He gave me a necklace first, which had a heart with three teeny-tiny diamonds and I was disappointed because I was really hoping for a ring. So then he brought out another box which had the ring. We have three sons, so I figured a diamond for each of them.”

Secret to a successful marriage

Gene “Loving each other. You put your relationship above yourself.”

Anita “I want to make him happy. I want to do things with him. I enjoy him. So it’s a lot of togetherness. We share the same interests - we like to travel, do gardening, the outdoors, we do dishes together. I didn’t care too much about sports when we first got married, but I learned to like them. He takes me out to a girl movie now and then, and he survived. We’re Christians, so our faith has given us a lot of strength. We never ever disagree about discipline in front of the children. We were a team when it comes to parenting.”

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