Jim Newhart | Napoleon, IN

Jim is a historical reenactor, demonstrating the role of a Private in the 32nd Indiana Infantry Regiment. He attended his first reenactment in 1993, and was hooked. Since 1994, he has put on the uniform, took to the field, marched out and started shooting. 

​”I’ve always been infatuated with the civil war. It was always my favorite time period in the country’s history. It’s strange, but I never get tired of studying about the civil war. I see a movie that comes out about it, and I’d go watch it or if I see a book, I’d want to read it. I also never get tired of “reliving” it.

​We, the fellow reenactors and I, would go to the local elementary schools and reenact for the 5th graders. We contribute to the school’s curriculum. We can tell the students dozens of facts about the civil war that never end up in their historical books. Even the teachers are flabbergasted by some of the stories we share.

​For the girls, I tell them the story about Albert Cashier, the woman who impersonated as a man to serve. Her real name is Jennie Hodgers, and she’s a top north private for the Union Army. All the school girls just get the best charge out of the Albert Cashier story. 

​We know for a fact that we’re giving something back to the next generation. Yes, it’s a hobby, but it gives me more pleasure than anything else in life. It’s true, I’d rather go reenacting than I would eat!”

Victor Sarringhaus | Batesville, IN

What does ‘gardening’ means to you?

“I like the fact that you can take a seed or a cutting of something,and grow it into a beautiful plant that can be enjoyed by many. 

One year, I was competing at the Cincinnati Flower Show and I had won the gold medal because I had some different idea which had never been done before. I like trying different things, so I used scented geraniums standard trees, which are like little topiary trees, and added different herbs around it. It is neat to do or start something that people have not seen before. The average person that comes through and look at stuff like that may not know so much about gardening but they can still enjoy how pretty it is. 

When I’m gardening, it’s a nice, quiet time to myself where I can do and think of new ideas. It’s a good contemplation time.”

Jerry + Anita Vollmer | Osgood, IN

Jerry & Anita, married for 37 years. 

How they met

Anita “We both went to the same elementary and high school but didn’t notice each other until high school.”

Jerry “I remember when Anita came to the school, I was in the 3rd grade and she was in 1st grade. Her sisters and her came from Lafayette, and they wore those big, long sock hats.They stood out and all the kids in school were talking about those hats. I had no idea then we would end up together.”

First kiss

Jerry “In my junior year, we went ice skating on the pond at my house. I remember I was skating backwards while holding her, when she tripped and fell. As I pulled her back up, I thought,’I should kiss her.’ So I did and she kissed me back. And that was the beginning of our courtship.”


Jerry “There wasn’t any actual proposal. We were around each other so much, we were like a married couple. We bought our ring before we officially got engaged. One day, we drove to Gordon’s Jewelers at the Florence Mall. We looked at a few rings, she tried out a few and picked the one she liked. We put the ring away in a lock box at the Ripley County bank for a year before we told our family. We were engaged for two years.”

Secret to a successful marriage

Anita “I don’t know what the secret is other than having respect for your spouse and the marriage. The foundation is always having respect.”

Jerry “Yes, I agree about respect. And it should be unconditional -you respect and trust the person so much that they can come and go as they please. You allow them to always be who they are, and not a certain person for you. And being in love; to be really in love with one another. If you’ve found that in one lifetime, you’re fortunate. And we’re very fortunate.”

Jo Westmeyer | Versailles, IN

Jo Westmeyer, as she is lovingly called by many, is a living historian for the Tyson Temple and the town of Versailles. She is still an active member for the temple and most events which honors the late Jim Tyson, whom she knew personally and was present when the Tyson Temple was being built. 

​These are some of the key milestones in Jo’s life:

- Born in New Marion in 1925.

- Oldest member of the Tyson Temple.

- Flower girl at Jim Tyson’s funeral.

- Electricity came to Versailles in the early 1930’s.

Edith Comer | Osgood, IN

Edith Comer

Edith Comer was born on January 19, 1919. She was married to her husband, Art Comer, for 49 years until his passing in 1989. She is passionate about scrapbooking as she loves history. 

Every year on Labor Day weekend, Edith and the Comer family continue to host the Comer Watermelon Party where up to 800 people would come by to eat watermelon and be entertained by music and a friendly croquet tournament. Also happening on the Labor Day weekend is the Comer Family Wagon Train, to commemorate Edith and Art’s 1976 Bicentennial Celebration wagon train pilgrimage to Valley Forge, PA. Their wagon was the only privately owned wagon from Indiana to complete the said journey. 

​She has written and published The Hull And Comer Journals, a legacy gift for her 6 children, 26 grandchildren, 60 great grandchildren, 2 great great grandchildren, and counting. The journal will also give them the opportunity to know the family history, dating back to the 1700’s.

Secret for longevity

“Always keep busy and always keep moving forward. Do not worry about the past. Laugh a lot and eat vegetable soup.”

Stephanie Jones | Versailles, IN

Stephanie is the author of “The Giving Challenge: 40 Days To A More Generous Life”, a speaker and life coach. 

“I want to challenge people to live a more generous life - to be grateful, to not take things for granted and to live a purposeful life. So many people go through life of just day-to-day getting up and going to work, and I want people to be giving and living intentionally each day and not just exist. There’s so much we can do by pursuing our dream. Be bold, dream big and bless others in everything you do.”

Debbie Blank | Batesville, IN

“After a teacher begged me to write for our junior high newspaper, then becoming editor of the West Lafayette High School newspaper and attending journalism summer camp at Indiana University, I was sold. I was going to be a reporter. 

​I graduated from IU, then worked as an editorial assistant at the Purdue University Office of Publications, lifestyle reporter for the Chattanooga News-Free Press and a freelance writer for the Hammond Daily Star in Louisiana. 

​Following my husband, Bill, back north to Batesville three times for his career, I paused working to raise our two sons, Tony and Ben. But I was always writing to keep my chops up –newcomers,school and Cub Scout newsletters. 

​And, of course, I love to read, too, and encourage others to have that quest for knowledge. In fact, I purchased over 10,000 used books at Indianapolis library sales, repaired them and organized volunteers for annual book exchanges and sales at Batesville schools for 16 years. 

​Our family lived in Mexico City for a year. When we returned, I began my career at The Herald-Tribune, Batesville. First I was a part-time page designer, then reporter, assistant editor and now editor since 2014. And I still crank out the articles, believing even a small city like Batesville deserves a great newspaper. With just five employees, we are small, but mighty! My goal is to inform and entertain you, delight and inspire you. 

​I want to get as many voices in The Herald-Tribune as I can.

I have a passion to tell your stories.”

Jared Rogers | Versailles, IN

“I moved back to Versailles at age 27. A major reason for returning was thanks to a vision from my mom. She had saved hundreds of her dad’s columns (my ‘Paw’), and remembered that he always wished to write a book. Over the next year, I worked to make that vision a reality. The result was two volumes - one book on Indiana basketball, and one on baseball, track, football and other favorite topics in The Ol’ Coach Sez column. My grandmother, ‘Gigi,’ was able to enjoy both books before she passed on in the spring of 2018. Knowing that my mom and grandma cherish these books is what made the project feel like a true success.”

Jessica Gorman | Rexville, IN

Jessica Gorman raise her four children by herself while staying true to her unique, beautiful self. 

​”Well, I just did it. My dad always say, ‘You do what you have to do,’ I always tell my children that we always have each other. I didn’t consider myself so disadvantaged - I mean, we have a place to live, we have food, and we did fun things…sure, I couldn’t buy new cars for them when they turned 16, but they always did well in school and were able to pursue higher education. Bernadette, Carter and Norah went to DePauw University while my youngest, Mary-Colleen went to the Art Institute of Indianapolis majoring in Fashion Design. 

​I’m so blessed with my children. We used to be considered poor by some standards but I always tell them, ‘The world is your oyster!’ and to do what makes them happy. They are doing so well with their lives now. I am very happy and proud of them.

​In trying times, my faith has always been my refuge, and I know with God, I am not alone.”


On March 24, 2011, a semi crashed into her family pick-up truck along US 421 Versailles, as they were waiting to turn left onto County Road 450 S, and claimed the lives of her two daughters, Kacy Nonoka Indiana Brown, 7, and Grace Nana Brown, 6. Ai and her husband, Kris were critically injured and had to endure years of rehabilitation. For many years, Ai’s mobility was dependent on her wheelchair.

In this photo, you are witnessing two miracles: 

(1) Alex Brown was born on Jan 5, 2014, almost three years after the tragic accident, hence making him a miracle baby. 

(2) At the time of the interview and photography session in 2018, Ai was able to walk a short distance without the help of a walker, and just by holding Alex’s hand. 

“It’s my first time to walk, holding my son’s hand! One of my dreams came true!” 

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