Marita Cord-Mergenthal & Betty Cord | Batesville + Versailles, IN

Marita “There are many people who would say that their mother is the greatest and I’m no different. She was a stay-at-home Mother when we were young, which I believe is the hardest yet most important job of all! I can remember her stopping what she was doing to give her complete focus on whatever it was I believed was important at the time. 

She is always busy baking wonderful goodies for bake sales, or just to share with family and friends. Our home always smelled wonderful because of it.

She is a woman of faith and that shows by the way she lives her life. What I can say is that she IS the greatest Mother and more importantly she is my greatest supporter and friend.”

Paige Parker Byard | Versailles, IN

Paige Parker Byard is the author for a children’s book titled ‘Mrs Ackley’s Birds.”

“I like to sit by this kitchen window and watch the birds in my backyard. This is my favorite spot in the whole house. While watching the birds, I am always curious of their thoughts and wonder what they would be saying to one another. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, so I would make up the conversations and that was how the story of Mrs. Ackley’s was created in my head. I had that idea for the book for about 5 years and when I decided to write it, it was completed in 3 months.”

Harold + Kathy Weiler | Hertel Shoe Store | Batesville, IN

Harold and Kathy, married for 46 years, have owned and operated the Hertel Shoe Store since they took over the business in 1979. 

Hertel Shoe Store History

Harold “It has been an eight family shoe store for over 100 years. It was initially the Gausman Shoe Store, then the Brockman Shoe Store, the Donnell Shoe Store, the Meister Shoe Store and then the Hertel Shoe Store. It has been the Hertel Shoe Store since the 1920’s, for almost 100 years. It’s been owned by different families but it was always a family shoe store. There are very few family shoe stores around anymore.”

Kathy “In 1971, my dad moved the business over to this current building on E Boehringer St and we took over in 1979.My dad was looking to retire and we werelooking for a change. Back then, we lived inIndianapolis, and were starting a family, and thought Batesville would be a good place to raise our kids.”

Memorable Experiences

Harold “Oh, what came to mind is when I was fitting a pair of shoes on a little one -year-old, and getting a hug when I put on the shoes. She really surprised me.”

Kathy “The horse over there has been a part of the shoe store for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl growing up, it was in the old shoe store. It’s so nice to hear families come in and have the moms say to their children, ‘I rode that horse when I was a little girl.’ That is very memorable and means a lotto me. We don’t know where exactly it came from but it has always been around.”

Harold “It’s called the Red Wonder Horse.”

Kim Powell | Gibson Theater | Batesville, IN

Kim Powell is the owner of Gibson Theater since 2007. He has been and continues to be instrumental for Gibson Theater to be working with the local community - bringing in a lot of family movies for the whole family to enjoy, hosting school events and live Christmas shows with performances by the school choirs, providing a stage for local student recitals and working with the special needs organizations. 

“I’m very proud of our free summer movies. It costs people nothing to come in and get to see a good movie on a Wednesday morning. It’s free, they can buy concessions or not. Not a big deal. It’s stuff that is good for the community. What is in it for me to do that? - satisfactionand keeping the doors open.”

How do you want to be remembered?

“As a good grandpa. I have two children and two grandkids. I don’t think you can appreciate life as much until you have grandkids. What a different world. The grandkids complete my life - when they come down for the weekend, it’s a special weekend. My wife and I are lucky that we get to spend a lot of time with them every month, over the weekend. We look forward for weeks when we get to spend time with them. Grandkids are special. 

Next week, we are taking them to the Gibson Theater to watch ‘The Avengers.’ I know I will have a theater full of families and kids who are going to be so excited. They come here to see a movie and laugh. That makes me feel good that you are bringing a lot of joy to their lives.”

Iron Timbers | Osgood, IN

Iron Timbers is a trio comprising of father, Gary (the woodcarver) and his twosons, Dustin (the woodworker) and Caleb (the metalwork guy). Passionate about building things with their hands, they decided to combine their experiences to create long lasting, functional family heirlooms and furniture by combining custom wood and metalwork. 


“We chose to build our family business in Osgood because that’s our home town. Our father was from the east side of Cincinnati and moved to marry our mom who was from Osgood. They decided to stay in this small town to raise their family.Both of them wanted the environment of small schools, a friendly community and country living, and Osgood fit the bill. 

All of us five children still like small town living and Osgood is centrally located amongst Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Louisville - the metropolitan areas that we intend to do our business - so we chose our hometownas the place to put up our shop.

Giving back

Our most rewarding experience thus far is how we feel God has had His hand on our business from the beginning. It seems that the growth that we’ve accomplished in 2.5 years and the connections that we’ve made, and the cooperation of the town and individuals that have helped us along has been more than we could have imagined and we’re so grateful. We have some exciting projects in the works, one of which is moving into our new shop by the end of this year. We also realize that it’s not all about us, but life is about all of us living and loving one another, so giving back to the community just comes natural to us.”

Lori Rennekamp | Bird In A Tree Boutique | Batesville, IN

“One late August night in 2016, I was sitting in my kitchen by myself and was just scrolling through Facebook. I had been looking for a bigger purpose other than being a mother, which I enjoy tremendously. Suddenly, a simple two sentence quotation about a bird caught my attention. I love the quote so much, and knew it would change my life as it inspired me to open my Bird In A Tree Boutique. My husband made me a beautiful sign of the said quote to hang right behind the checkout counter. I hope it will inspire others to believe in themselves, just as it inspired me. 

I am taking a big risk with this boutique, but I know it will be worth it.”

John Huntington + Philip Moeller I Huntington Carriage House | Milan, IN

John and Philip are the proprietors of The Huntington Bed & Breakfast located on a horse farm in Milan, IN since 2001. In the premise, there is also the Huntington Carriage House, which is home decor, antique and gift shop. 

John has been a professional breeder of American Quarter horses for 42 years. He has sold show horses and shipped them to farms all over the nation and the world. 

Philip is a former flight attendant with Delta, based in New York City. He was with airline for 15 years. “I miss the interaction with the passengers, and I miss all my friends in London and Europe.” 

The B&B provides all their B&B guests with hearty breakfast. Their promise is - “No one leaves hungry.”

Sara Bettis | Painter’s Pallet | Versailles, IN

“I remember as a kid drawing and coloring, and I thought, ‘This is what I want to be - an artist.’ My art was terrible when I was a kid - you look at my stuff and you know I’m not a child prodigy or anything, but I love art. 

Art is freeing - you can do whatever you want with whatever medium you want. If you don’t like the mediums that are available, you can make up some stuff to make it your own. And you can get out whatever emotion that you have - to express your anger, or your happiness -you can put all those emotions on canvas.It’s therapy. It’s my own little world - I don’t have to worry about anything else. When I’m painting, it’s all about what’s going on to the canvas. I can get lost in it.”

American Flag Mural at the American Legion Post 173 Versailles

“That was my first mural of that size. I started in June 2016 and finished it before the Pumpkin Show. It was a little daunting. Also when I was painting, people would stop and talk to me, some telling me how good it has been going, people telling me on social media that they saw me when they drove by watching the daily progress. It was pretty cool to hear that. 

Other than art class, I have never painted in front of other people. That was my defining moment as an artist, at least for now. It was an amazing feeling!”

Jim Bultman | Osgood Grub Co. | Osgood, IN

Jim opened the Osgood Grub Co. in April 1977. They have been serving loyal customers for 41 years. 

​The name - Osgood Grub Co. “We just sat around one night with my family and we decided to call it Grub Co. I wanted it to have Osgood in the name. That was one of the prerequisite. We thought it was unique, and we never heard anybody who did it, and ‘grub’ means food.” 

​What does the restaurant mean to you? “It’s a deep connection with my parents, my past, my childhood. Most of the people I know, I know because of this place and most of the people I hang out with is because of this place.”

Clem + Bertie Schmidt | Schmidt Bakery | Batesville, IN

Clem & Bertie, married for 53 years. 

Cherry Thing-A-Lings

They founded the Schmidt Bakery in Batesville in 1963. They built the businessfrom the ground up, and are the brainchildbehind the famous Cherry Thing-A-Lings; the yummiest cherry-filled fritter-like donuts, sold once a year on President’s Dayweekend since the 1970’s. The tradition comes from the legend of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. 

​In 2019, they broke their own record and sold 145,000 of the famous fritter. In 2018, 118,000 was sold and in 2017, 82,908.

​Clem “Our Cherry Thing-A-Lings’ popularity are pretty wide spread. It’s funny - once, we had to have one of our equipment worked on in Cincinnati. We went into the shop and talked to a guy aboutthe repair. He said, “Schmidt Bakery?You guys are the ones that make the Cherry Thing-A-Lings, don’t you?” So I said, ‘Yeah!’It’s amazing he knew anything about that!”

​Bertie “I was at one of the casinos there one time and I was talking to somebody about it. One lady overheard us talking and said, ‘Are you the Cherry Thing-A-Lings man?’ “ 

​Secret to a successful marriage

Clem “You have to have time for yourself 

-that’s the most important thing. You have to have time to let him do what he likes to do, and he has to let me have time to do what I like to do.

​Another important thing is to learn how to manage money. Sometimes the younger generation gets married and neither has any idea on how to manage money, then they have financial problem and divorce sets in. We were both pretty learned in that field.”

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