Robert Day | Osgood, IN

Robert is 96 years old. He is a World War II veteran, and a lifelong resident of Osgood, IN. He had stayed in his current house for 50 years, the house he moved in with his late wife, Wilma Day. 

How they met

“We first met when we started school in 1929, but we didn’t marry until we were 45 years old. We had 47 great years together. After school, we went our separate ways, and actually she was a Rosie the Riveter on B24’s up in Michigan. I spent 38 months in the army at World War II. I was stationed basically in North Carolina - Fort Bragg, Camp Davis, Camp Butner, and Camp Atterbury where I was discharged on March 16, 1946. I was under ‘limited service’ during that time. We met again in Osgood where I worked at the post office and she, in the Triplett’s Drug Store. We would see each other everyday. She worked there for 29 years, and I worked in the post office for 30 years.”


“When my wife was living, we did a lot of traveling. We visited 43 states. Just seeing the United States, it broadens your education, so to speak, and I’ve always loved history and geography. Traveling breaks up the routine of daily life.”

Do you miss her?

“Everyday. I never get over it. She ended up with Alzheimer’s and was in the nursing home for three months before she passed. I visited her everyday even though she didn’t recognize me. She was 92. We had a nice life together. After her death in 2015, I made a book about her - it has nothing but all her pictures in it.”

Secret to a successful marriage

“Respect one another. Also, she was easy to get along with.”

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