Roselyn McKittrick | Milan, IN

ROSELYN MCKITTRICK (August 22, 1934 - March 16, 2019) Milan, IN

​Roselyn founded the Milan 1954 museum in Milan so the world can continue to celebrate and retell the story of the Milan Miracle of ‘54. The museum is her legacy.

​What made you start the museum?

“I started the museum because of cancer. I started it after God let me survive from cancer. I used to own a big restaurant down the street called, ‘Milan Railroad Inn’ which I started with my husband. During that period, I had breast cancer. I had 2 children in college and one in high school. God has always been very important in my life - I started leaning pretty heavily on him and asked that if I could get well, I will do somethingspecial for this town. And this is what I chose to do - you don’t back out on your promise to God.”

​Why Milan ‘54?

“Because I knew these men. They are the nicest people you can ever meet.”

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