The Milan Miracle of ‘54 | Milan, IN

The Milan ‘54 team is what movies are made of, and it’s true, because the movie “Hoosiers” was based on the team’s miraculous 1954 state championship win - a ‘David and Goliath story’ where a small town basketball team who, against the odds, beat the big town team and won the state championship.

​This photograph was taken during the dedication of the newly painted Milan water tower. The group members are: (l-r) cheerleader Patricia Marshall, Mary Lou Wood (widow of Coach Marvin Wood), Ray Craft, Roger Schroder, Rollin Cutter, Glen Butte, Gene White and Bobby Plump.

​When asked to have a photo taken of just the Milan ‘54 players, a few of them chimed in and said, “We do everything as a team.”

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