Twinkle Riley | Milan, IN

​”I worked as a tax accountant for many years and became interested in clocks through one of my clients. I ended up buying the clock shop from him. This is in Aurora, CO. I kept that shop for 16 years, while continued working in accounting until we moved to Milan in 1994. At that point, I’ve basically retired but still played with antiques and clock repairing.

​I like the whole process of repairing clocks - one thing leads to another and to another - the gear meshes and turns and pushes something, to make something else turn, and it works its way up the train of gears and pretty soon, you have time. I’ve always been mechanical. When I was a child, my grandfather repaired Singer sewing machines and I used to go with him on service calls and watch him work. Fixing clocks is not like fixing sewing machines, but it surely piqued my interest.”

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