Ziwei Wang + Linda Krall | Osgood, IN

Ziwei emigrated to Osgood, IN with her mother, Linda, in June 2010. They were from Shenyang, China. Initially, she spoke little English and required the help of a pocket translator. 

She persevered and emerged as the co-valedictorian of her graduating class of 2017 from Jac Cen Del High School.

​”I am most determined. Since I came here, there were a lot of changes to adapt to - new environment, people and culture. I learned from an early age the important of accepting change for the better, and to never give up and never stop trying until I am proud of myself. 

​I was very honored to be the co-valedictorian of my graduating class of 2017 from Jac Cen Del High School. I have never imagined myself to be number one in class. I am not local and I’m bilingual. When I first moved here, I didn’t know much English but I was determined to be the best and not settle for less. For me, the only way to make myself happy and content is to be the best version of myself. My next goal is to get my degree in electrical engineering from Purdue.”

​Linda “I am so very proud of her!”

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