Lindsay McLaughlin

Anjali was amazing to work with and was incredibly patient with my family! She produced beautiful results and the photos are classic, professional, and ones I will cherish forever! Thank you Anjali for doing such a wonderful job! I highly recommend her for your classic, somewhat candid and fun family photos!!!

Angie Nardini

This has been the best studio session I’ve ever had. Anjali took her time and got to know my kids during the entire process. She captured their personalities exactly and it was amazing seeing my oldest open up to her. The pictures were perfect and the time she spent with me to review them and choose which pictures I wanted was invaluable - especially since it was so hard to choose. To say I am impressed with the whole process is an understatement. I highly recommend!

Lisa Hardwick

I was able to have family portraits completed a week ago with Anjali Fong, and I was so delighted with the experience as well as the photos! My husband, myself, and my 3-year old daughter had never had formal pictures done before, and Fong made it such a special time. She was patient, calm, and professional. You can tell that Fong is an expert at her craft! We never felt rushed, and in fact she gave us much more time than I anticipated we would have for the portraits. The final photos were absolutely MAGICAL, and I am so thankful to have these memories forever!

Amber McGuire

I have admired Anjali Fong’s work for years, so when the opportunity arose to work with her for our recent family photos I was extremely excited. She made the process fun, especially for our kids, and captured each of our distinct personalities. Her artistry and the all-black styling allowed our family to shine. We were overwhelmed by the results and would highly recommend her!

Dallas Shi

Anjali Fong did family portraits for us about 2 weeks ago and was amazing. She has a calm demeanor which was great for our kids and improvised to fit our needs. The photos turned out amazing and captured each member of our family perfectly. Thank you Anjali for a great experience for photos I will cherish for years to come.

Jeff Krabach

Our family had a photo session with Anjali Fong that was the best family photo session we have ever had. Anjali worked with my whole family to truly capture the essence of who we are as a family. At the start of the session Anjali Fong explained that she was trying to capture the perfect imperfect shots of families. I did not fully understand what she meant but went with it. I would learn later that this is exactly what I wanted in a family photo.

As Anjali Fong took photos of our individual kids, she patiently worked with them to understand who they were and capture a photo that showed this. She encouraged them to just be themselves while she captured this in the photos she was taking. When Anjali found something was not drawing out my kids, she switched tactics and tried ideas that would get the kids more engaged. My three kids enjoyed the process and the result was photos that showed who they truly are.

As we moved onto group shots and whole family shots my kids were getting to that point of losing interest. But if you have a family you know, this is real life. Anjali Fong worked alongside my wife and I to help set us up in a way that would show the love we have for one another. In addition she gave us tips on how to pose so that we would look good in our photos.

My wife and I got the ideas fairly well as did my oldest child. However my younger two kids were at the point of short attention span and losing interest. Several of the shots one kid moved out front or laid down or just sat their in a way that said “I am not doing this anymore”. I thought all of those were wasted shots. But magically Anjali Fong captured these moments that seemed like a disaster in a way that they became our favorite photos. They showed the truth of our family in a way that I liked.

Anjali Fong has a way of seeing your family as who they are. She then has the eye and skill to capture that truth in a photo. The photos that we received from her will not only be ones that I cherish for my whole life but they will be a reminder. They will remind me of the day I got to see my kids and my family for what it truly is. They will remind me of a photo session I did not walk away from saying “Glad that is done” but rather “That was a fun experience.”  If you are looking for someone who knows how to take amazing family photos, I would recommend Anjali Fong. I trust that you will not only receive excellent photos but also have a great experience.

Deborah Mekenese

We had portraits done with Anjali this winter and had a wonderful experience. As a photographer myself, but also mother to four young children, it's not often that I get to be in the photos!

Anjali was wonderfully kind, professional and accommodating. The studio is bright & clean and very easy to access (a huge perk for families with young children!) She was patient and thoughtful with all of the kids and the images she produced are stunning. They will be treasures on our family portrait wall for years to come!

Emili Uden

We had a lovely experience with Anjali Fong. She was extremely professional and an absolute artist. I'm so happy with how our photos turned out- the black and white nature of the photos brought the focus of each picture to the people in the photo- not the clothes or background. I love how my children's personalities jumped out of each photo. No fake smiles, just genuine connection. She also took photos of small groups of the family- capturing the dynamics and individual relationships that are sometimes missed in family photography sessions. I can't wait to have these photos hanging in my home! I also appreciated how she took the time to review the photos with me instead of just sending a link. I enjoyed being able to share my thoughts with her and you can tell that she is passionate about her work.

Michelle Spegal

Anjali Fong did photos of my daughters and myself. She was such a joy to work with, as well as, such a skilled photographer! Her patience and sweetness towards my girls, made for beautiful pictures and an overall wonderful experience. I will treasure these photos forever and highly reccommend her for photography services.

Christy Pederson

Anjali made the entire process easy and welcoming. Trying to get pictures of a 17 month old had me questioning my sanity, and I was honestly worried that we would not get the nice portraits I had hoped for. Anjali caught so many great images, it was hard to choose! Her classic black and white style are exactly the types of portraits I was hoping for, and I can see them framed on our walls for years to come. No hesitation in recommending her for your portrait needs.

Sara Froats

Fong was very attentive and kind. She was good at communicating and fixed small imperfections promptly before they made it on film. Good attention to detail. She was very good at working with my young daughter and posing us in ways that looked best. Laid back and relaxing environment. Would love to book again!

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