Welcome to the Ripley 200 Project page! Do take a few minutes to read about this project and I invite you to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime project for Ripley County, Indiana. 

The Idea

I have had this idea to tell stories of the residents of Ripley County for many years now. I started with 'Midwest Stories" in 2010 where I photographed events and interesting people whom I have met. That project ended in 2012 when I started my photography business.

In 2012, I collaborated with Martha Bladen, the director of Switzerland County Historical Society to design the Vevay Bicentennial Calendar 2013. Thirteen digital montages from archived historic images, old postcards and memorabilia were artistically created - they gave a reminiscent portrayal of the community and historical events which took place in Vevay throughout the 200 years. Together, we raised money to help raise awareness and funds for Vevay's Bicentennial Celebrations. 

Fast forward to 2016 when I became the Official Photographer for the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay event for Ripley County, I realized the vast amount of wonderful residents living in this county and the many wonderful stories waiting to be told. 

It was then I decided on another bicentennial project. After all, what better way to celebrate the county's bicentennial in 2018 by capturing and telling these stories? 

What is Project Ripley 200 about?

Ripley County, IN will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2018. This historical celebration is ideal to tell the stories of its living residents who have made the county their home – be it those who were born and bred here, second third generation of Ripley County residents, or those who have moved from out of state or other countries.

This project also would like to show the richness of heritage, the diversity of its residents, and the everyday extraordinary heroes. I want to bring forth their stories so that we all know “our neighbors” better.

I would like to tell 200 STORIES to be exact. Hence, the name of the project - Ripley 200.

End Products

There are plans to host photo exhibitions in all the public libraries in Ripley County, namely in Versailles, Batesville, Osgood and Milan, by June 2018. I also envision a limited edition book publication.

What Stories Am I Looking For?

Through the help of the Ripley County Tourism Bureau, friends, and the American Legions of Versailles and Sunman, I have collected over 120 nominations so far. I am looking for more nominations so that we can feature 200 stories for this project. 

So, I would appreciate help from you to nominate friends or relatives whom you think have stories which suit the criterias below: 

WW2 & Korean War Veterans

I would love to honor all the living war veterans, especially those who served in WW2 and the Korean War, for their sacrifices. I want to help them tell their stories for the next generations. 

Faces Behind Places

There are many interesting places which exist in Ripley County.  I'm sure there are great stories of the person behind such places. 


Do you know of any living centenarians in Ripley County? Or anyone over 90 years old? I would love to tell their stories. 

Heroes Among Us

Do you know of an unsung hero whose good deed needs to be told to a larger audience? Great stories like this can be very inspirational for others and need to be shared. 


Do you know couples who have celebrated more than 20, 30, 40 or 50 years together? I would like to share their love story and their secret to a long lasting marriage.  


Do you know of an inventor who is living, or was from Ripley County? Let's tell their stories! 

Historic Achievements

Do you know of anyone who made a historic achievement worth being retold to the next generation?

Diverse Hoosiers

As a Malaysian who emigrated to Indiana in 2009 and made Ripley County my home, I would like to share the story of fellow immigrants who are living, or have lived, in Ripley County. I want to share some diverse stories in culture, heritage, and beliefs. Let's celebrate the diversity in our county and let our differences unite us all!

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Alternatively, You Can Mail Your Stories:

Please include your name, your email, and/or contact number, the name of your nominee and his/her story, then mail your nomination to the address below by the extended deadline of March 31, 2018.


c/o Ripley County Tourism Bureau

P.O. Box 21,

Versailles, IN 47042

Keep Updated On This Project

Like the Ripley200 Facebook page to keep abreast on new updates for this project - facebook.com/ripley200


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Thank You To These Wonderful Sponsors & Supporters:

I would like to thank Katherine Taul and Terri Towbridge of the Ripley County, Indiana Tourism Bureau for her support and contribution, Jerry Vollmer of Voldico Insurance who is providing space and donation, Ripley County Community Foundation for the $1000 grant and Jen Saner Photography for providing her studio space. I can't thank all of you enough. 

I welcome any other interested sponsors for this project too. 

Ripley County Indiana Tourism


Voldico Insurance


Ripley County Community Foundation


Jen Saner Photography


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