Zelpha Naylor - The 106 year old Pie Baker

Zelpha Naylor is a very special lady. Born on 11 December, 1911, so today is her 106th birthday!

“God. Trust in Him most of all,” was her answer when asked the secret of longevity. This was exactly the same answer I received from Ethel Mathias, my very first Centenarian whom I met on her 105th birthday.  

Back in the days, she would bake different variety of pies to sell at the Fairgrounds in Osgood. I’ve been told that her pies were popular and would be snatched up by the locals. 

What kind of pies do you make? “Anything you can mention, down to a poor man’s pie. The easiest pie there is to make is a poor man’s pie. A little bit of vinegar, a little sugar, a little flavoring and put it all in there and you got it. 

The hardest pie to make? “Well, I don’t like to make custard pie, but I sure love to eat it! I love my pies.”

What is your favorite? “Apple pie.”

A few weeks after the first meet, Zelpha invited both Katherine Taul and I to show  us how to make an apple pie. She made the crusts herself using only shortening, flour, salt and water. Everything was done from memory and eyeballing the amount needed. It was such a pleasure to see her work in the kitchen.

While waiting for the pie to bake in the oven, she went on the clean the kitchen top before sitting down to chat with us, while keeping her eyes on the clock at all times.  

And that my friends, is Zelpha’s delicious home baked apple pie. Both Katherine and I had a piece each. It was super yummy! 

I feel truly blessed to have Zelpha as my first feature on Project RIpley 200. She is such a pleasure to know and I pray that God keeps her healthy, happy and faithful to the Lord. 

I encourage you to send your birthday wishes to Zelpha on the comments below. I will be sure to pass them along to her. 

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