Anjali Fong Photography is an in-demand portrait studio that is often booked 4-6 weeks in advance. Our studio strives to give our clients a memorable custom portrait experience at the highest levels of excellence.

If you have received a complimentary session with us, your $200 confirmation fee helps to prevent no-shows and late cancellations, ensuring that only clients who are as serious and committed as we are to having their beautiful portraits created. 

Your reservation fee is fully refunded on the day of your Zoom ordering session as long as you are present for your appointments. You may choose instead to apply the fee as a credit towards an artwork purchase at that time. There is no obligation to purchase.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

o Please book your date thoughtfully and with consideration, as rescheduling your appointment can often be difficult and is not always possible.

o We have a 7-day minimum rescheduling policy.

o If you must reschedule, please provide 7 days or more notice so that another family may be scheduled to your slot. We will then be able to rebook you on the Studio's calendar dates--and transfer your deposit.  Please note that weekends

o Rescheduling with less than 7 days notice requires an additional reservation fee.

What happens if I need to cancel?
Cancelling your session within 72 hours of booking will result in a full refund of the confirmation fee. Thereafter, any cancellation will result in the loss of your deposit. It will be converted to a studio credit that expires in 1 calendar year, and can be used towards artwork purchases in our studio.

Terms and Conditions:

1. A $200 confirmation fee secures the portrait session for the date/time agreed upon.

2. The Studio's confirmation fee is 100% refundable for the cancellation of a session within the first 72 hours of booking payment, no questions asked.  

3. If you decide to fully cancel the portrait session after the 72 hour window, the confirmation fee is nonrefundable and is automatically converted into a studio credit, valid for one year.

4. With any failure to not turn up at a portrait or viewing session, the confirmation fee is nonrefundable and is automatically converted into a studio credit, valid for one  year.

5. Rescheduling more than once without paying an additional non-refundable confirmtion fee is not possible at this time. Additional confirmation fees, while non-refundable, may be applied in full to your order.

6. Any more than a 20 minute appointment “late show” to the portrait session is automatically cancelled, as there will not be enough time to create your portraits and there will be no refund. 

7. In case of a weekend session a re-schedule to another weekend appointment may require an additional fee.

8. If you are 10 minutes late or more to your Zoom reveal session, your meeting will be automatically cancelled. It will need to be rescheduled so as not to negatively impact your experience or the experience of the family scheduled after you. Please note that if this happens,  your reservation deposit becomes fully non-refundable. You are, however, still able to apply your deposit towards a purchase as long as we can reschedule your Zoom on our calendar within 30 days of your portrait session. 

Thank you for your kind understanding.

- Anjali Fong Photography 

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